2014 Workshops

Advanced Improvisation in Swing Music

Ryck Kaiser

-The basics of harmony, how to approach playing a swing tune, and improvising a solo.

Banjo: Beginning Claw Hammer Banjo (Beginners)

Jim MacWilliams

-The class will introduce the basic Claw Hammer strum. Jim will use well known traditional tunes to demonstrate this old time approach to the 5 string banjo

Beginner Hoop Dance

Jennifer Dennehy

-This workshop is intended for those interested in learning or reviewing the basics of hoop dance.

Beginners Hammered Dulcimer

Curt Osgood

-A primer for beginners. Some topics will include string, notes and octave schemas, hammers, tuning (wrenches, machines,) and dulcimer stands. Participants will learn some simple hammering patterns and try a melody or two.

Beginning Tin Whistle

Sue Tillotson

-This will be an introduction to the Tin Whistle for first time players. Basic position and breathing technique will be covered. Participants will learn the basic “D” scale and hopefully a simple tune. Please bring a D whistle. A recording or video device is recommended.

Blues Mandolin

Michael Hampsey

-Participants will understand the history of blues mandolin styles. They must understand and play the G major scale. They will learn to play a 12 bar blues in the key of G, G blues scale, G pentatonic blues scale, and turn-arounds and intros.

Blues Ukulele

Michael Hampsey

-Participants must understand the C major scale. They will learn C blues scales and a 12 bar blues in the key of C. G blues will also be presented in the style of Chicago blues.

Bowing 747

George Wilson

-Play the fiddle like you mean it! Participants will use the bow to play expressively with good tone.

Build Yourself a Musical Washboard

Bill Bailey

-In this workshop, participants will play several styles and sizes of washboards, and then build one of their own. Bill will help with advice, construction and general fun.

Canadian Singer-Songwriters

John & Sheila Ludgate

-Canada has produced its share of singer-songwriters (Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, Ian Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Murray McLaughlin, Lennie Gallant, etc.) John & Sheila will discuss a few of their favorites and lead participants through some of their favorite Canadian songs. Bring an instrument of choice and join in!

Care and Feeding of Your Guitar

Michael Hogg

Bring your guitars, questions, and problems to the workshop. I Will cover all areas of guitar care as time allows.

Canadian Tunes, Eh!

Elizabeth Corewin

-This is an open class for lead and backup players. Participants will play some great Canadian fiddle tunes by a variety of tune writers. It’s time for a cross-border exchange where the exchange rate doesn't matter!

Celtic Mandolin

Michael Hampsey

-Participants will understand the role of the mandolin family in modern Celtic folk music. They should know the G major scale. They will learn the rhythm and melody of a jig, a reed, and a harp composition by O’Carolan.

Christmas and Holiday Tunes in July

Curt Osgood

-This is a jam and listening session for all levels and all instruments. Lets beat the heat and share our favorite holiday melodies together. Some chord and lead sheets will be available.

Contra Dance Band Practice

Peggy Shutes

-Ever wanted to play in a contra dance band? Now’s the chance! Music will be provided. Participants may join in during the practice session, and then come back in the evening to play in the contra dance.

Contra Dance

Peggy Shutes

-The contra dance band will play for the evening contra dance. Music will be provided!

Creating Harmonies for the Mountain Dulcimer

Barb Nagle

-This workshop will unlock the secrets to creating perfect harmonies for your mountain dulcimer arrangements in DAD. After I present my technique, we will work together as a class to write harmonies for June Apple, Whiskey Before Breakfast, and Sweet Hour od Prayer if timer permits. You will walk away from the class with a new skill that you'll be able to apply to every new song you learn.

Dulcimer Duets

Gayle Sheets and Larry Spencer

-Have fun playing music with others! In this workshop you will learn to play a song three different ways which will harmonize with each other. (Two sets of harmonizing tablature will be provided along with chords). Experience the fun of playing a mixture of all three ways for a song you probably only knew one way to play.

Fiddle Tunes 1

Elizabeth Corewin

-This workshop will give participants some tips on how to pick up a tune. Yes, one can play by ear! They’ll also learn a tune by ear.

Fiddle Tunes 2

Elizabeth Corewin-

Learn a tune by ear! A continuation of Fiddle Tunes 1 but no prerequisite.

Fiddle Tunes for Harmonica

Michael Hogg

-Why let the fiddle have all the leads? Learn a couple of fiddle tunes on a 10 hole diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C, and take a rightful turn in the jam session. Please, no dancing with harmonicas in mouths!

Finger Picking the Mountain Dulcimer I

Pam Cyphert

-This workshop is intended for those who have been introduced to the dulcimer and want to fingerpick the melody, as well as some notes in the chord. We will start with the basics and expose you to as many songs as we can fit in. Songs will be in DAA tuning. (If you typically tune to DAD, we can easily tune you down for the workshop.)

Finger Picking the Mountain Dulcimer II

Pam Cyphert

Intermediate players who can readily form chords will be shown how to pick apart the chords on traditional tablature. We will focus on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as well as several other songs.Songs will be in DAA tuning. (If you typically tune to DAD, we can easily tune you down for the workshop.)

Fun With Fiber

Sharon Reiland

-Needle felting is a process of matting wool fibers in an ordered and deliberate way to produce decorative shapes that are either flat or three-dimensional. A barbed needle is used to repeatedly stab the wool with the barbs catching and tangling the fibers. In the workshop students will learn the basica of needle felting and finish a small project. This workshop is for beginners with no previous experience necessary!

Folk Music of the 1960's & 1970's

Clair Carlson

-You will learn flat picking styles for folk songs of the 60s and 70s. You need to know how to play chords and have a capo with you. I will show some runs and chord variations.This is intended to be a fun work shop your input on any of the song variations is welcomed. Artists include Peter, Paul & Mary, Cat Stevens and James Taylor.

Folk Singaround

Howard Blumenthal

-What is a singaround? Singing like nobody is listening is very good for the soul. You will not be judged by the quality of your voice or the number of notes you can play. You will not be judged at all. Relax, sing with gusto, and laugh allot. Why do you think they call it playing?!

French Canadian Foot Percussion

Brian How

-Students will learn the French-Canadian style of seated foot percussion used to accompany traditional music.

Gospel Sing

Peggy Shutes

-Sunday Morning gospel sing for all levels. Come to play, sing, or just listen.

Guitar Accompaniment for Dance Tunes

George Wilson

-Rhythmic guitar playing – bass runs, accents, and how to hear what chord to play.

Guitar backup for Irish Jigs and Reels (Intermediate)

Tim Ball

-The class will cover the 6/8 Jig rhythm strum and 4/4 Reel strums and demonstrate how to maintain these strums through chord changes and transitions. Tim will use some well known examples of jigs and reels for examples and spend some time on dynamics and how to build excitement for your dancers.

Guitar: Introduction to Finger Style Guitar (Intermediate)

Jim MacWilliams

-The class will use a fairly simple melody in the Key of C to demonstrate how to work chords melody and a base line into a solo performance. Jim will demonstrate some additional tune examples. discussion will include a look at past and contemporary greats of this genre.

Hammered Dulcimer I

Curt Osgood

-A primer for beginners. Some topics will include string, notes and octave schemas, hammers, tuning (wrenches, machines) and dulcimer stands. We will learn some simple hammering patterns and try a melody or two.

Hammered Dulcimer II

Curt Osgood

-Building on workshop number I , we will learn some simple chords and discuss choreography dynamics.We will incorporate chords into our melodies and accompanying ourselves with our instruments, sing a song or two, add some harmonies, and more.

Hot Dog! Songs & Banjo Styles of Uncle Dave Macon

George Wilson

-Full songs, banjo style of Uncle Dave Macon – popular songster and comedian on the Grand Ole Opry from 1925-1952.

Instant Musician

Gayle Sheets & Larry Spencer with Clair Carlson

-In this class, all instruments are welcome and Gayle and Larry will be playing some of their favorite tunies in the key of D (dulcimer friendly). If you know the D, G and A chord, you will be an instant success! Come and warm up with some good old familiar tunes and begin the weekend by playing and singing your heart out!

Intermediate/Advanced Hoop Dance

Jennifer Dennehy

-This workshop is intended for those who already have a solid base in beginner hoop dance techniques (waist hoping, chest hoping, leg hoping, etc.)

Intermediate Improvision for Fiddle Tunes and Swing

Ryck Kaiser

-Explore the subtle ways that a fiddle tune can be varied using melody and rhythm. The basics of harmony and how to approach playing a swing tune and improvising a solo.

Introductory Harmonica

Michael Hogg

-With a 10 hole diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C, one can learn a couple of folksy tunes to play by ear. No experience necessary, but you’ll need a positive attitude!

Introduction to Jewelry Making Part I - Making Your Own Earrings

Christine Hendryx

-In this class, we will make three pairs of earrings. You will learn how to make your own earrings to match your favorite outfit.

Introduction to Jewelry Making Part II - Making Your Own Bracelets

Christine Hendryx

-In this class you will learn how to make your own bracelets. You will learn how to attach clasps and have fun doing it. You will leave with a finished bracelet.

Introduction to Jewelry Making Part III - Making Your Own Necklace

Christine Hendryx

-In this class you will make and learn how to design your own necklace. We will explore different clasps and lengths of necklaces. You will leave with a necklace that you have made.

Introduction to Ukulele

Drew Danielson

-Learn to play the ukulele in five minutes or less with a few simple one and two finger chords.

Introduction to Zentangle

Anita Roby-Lavery

-What is Zentangle? Why do people do it? How does it differ from doodling? How does one get started? This is a hands-on class, given by a certified Zentangle teacher. This two hour intro class is a pre-requisite for all other Zentangle courses.The class is open to children who are in the third grade, or higher.

Irish Tunes & Style for the Fiddle

Tim Ball

-Learn an Irish tune or two and practice some of the ornaments and techniques that give Irish music it's characteristic sound.

Lap Dulcimer Basics For Beginners

Barb Nagle

-This workshop offers TLC in the key of D and is ideal for the person who "just came along" and wants to try some simple music. Several cardboard dulcimers will be available to us as loaners for this workshop and for the weekend. We'll start with the basic strum and add some simple melodies.

Learning Swing Chords

Henry Koretzky

This workshop will show you how, by adding one or two notes to standard chords, you can play the chords used in swing standards. There will be chord charts for guitars and mandolins. While you may not be able to all the chords forms under your fingers immediately, you'll take home the knowledge of how a few moveable chord forms can improve your rhythm playing on swing tunes. We also work on the rhythms that make this style work, and apply them to some simple jazz chords.

Life and Times of Pete Seeger

Kerry Grendon

We will look at the life and times of Pete Seeger. We will look at his music, politics and life.

The Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales

David Southwick

-Want to learn a quick and moveable scales on the guitar that will enable you to accompany rhythm instruments with improvised lead? This workshop will cover major and minor pentatonic scales, as well as some techniques that will stretch beyond flatpicking, "hammer ons", pull offs, vibrato, etc.

Macram - The Art of Knot Tying

Tyler Brenton

In this workshop, people will learn the art of macram, and make a macram bracelet to take home with them.

Mandolin: Integrating melody and chords on the Mandolin (Intermediate)

Jim MacWilliams

-This class will use a Mozart waltz to demonstrate how to blend chords and melody into a solo approach on the mandolin. Jim will focus on shifting hand positions and locating chord sequences to support the melody. Discussion will include a look at contemporary musicians that are experts at this approach..

Music theory for Folk Musicians

Tim Ball

Chords, arpeggios, chord progressions, scales, modes, etc., explained so that they will (hopefully) be relevant, useful, and non-threatening to folk musicians.

Not Your Usual “Percussion” Instruments

Bill Bailey

-In this workshop, participants will discover how musical percussion rhythm can be created by everyday objects. Of course, spoons, bones, and washboard will be taught, along with horseshoes, wooden shoes, tennis ball containers, shoe and pizza boxes, along with several more surprising items.

Old Blues Songs for Voice, Guitar, and Harmonica

Michael Hogg

-Come and participate in playing a few old simple blues songs! Bring some instruments and/or a voice. Harmonica players will need a 10 hole diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C. This class is going on a musical journey back 80 years or so, and the objective is simply to have fun.

Old Time & Classic Country

Howard Blumenthal

-"What is an old time classic?" You may ask. Good question. Lets just say about everything written from the dawn of time until 1965. Old folk songs you sang when you were a kid, and the old country songs you heard on the radio when you were growing up. The hits from the folk scare of the early 60's; plus a few modern folk, country, and bluegrass songs that have earned their way into our memories, plus common gospel songs that we all know.

Open Mic

Kerry Grendon

This is a chance to play your tunes for the HOTA group. You can play new tunes, old tunes, anything goes!

Rhythms & Riffs with 12 Bar Blues

David Southwick

-This class will work on different rhythms and riffs with the 12 bar blues, and cover some of the classic 12 bar blues songs. Although the riffs will be specialized for guitarists, anyone can bring a rhythm instrument to play along with these songs.

Scottish Fiddle

Sue Tillotson

-A brief introduction to the elements of Scottish Fiddle. Included will be some basic “fiddle” warm-up ideas, a tune or two, mostly taught by ear, but music will be available in limited quantity. It is highly recommended to bring a recording device.

Shape Note Hymn Singing

Gerry Hoffman

-In this workshop, participants will cover the shape-note notation system and sing as many songs as possible. Different songs will be sung during the two workshops, for those who might like to attend both.

Shape Note Singing II

Gerry Hoffman

-In this workshop, participants will cover the shape-note notation system and sing as many songs as possible. Different songs will be sung during the two workshops, for those who might like to attend both.

Sheep Ornament

Sharon Reiland

-This workshop will teach you how to make a wooden frame out of cut wooden clothes pins, then painted, and wrapped with sheep's wool produced on our farm. It will be finished off with a red bow and a tiny bell. This cute little ornament can be hung on your christmas tree or displayed on a shelf.

Slow Jam

Gayle Sheets, Larry Spencer and Clair Carlson

-In this workshop, we will play familiar tunes in their common keys. There will be no sheet music available. You will be expected to play by ear...with a little help..we will call out the chord changes. We will take requests from you, so bring the name of your favorite tune!

Songwriting (With an Emphasis on Collaborative Songwriting)

John & Sheila Ludgate

-A summary of tips and tricks John & Sheila have used to write their award winning songs. Songwriting is an art and there are no hard and fast rules, but there are ways to get the process both started and completed. John & Sheila will also share how they collaborate on songwriting.

Story Telling

Stephen Lee Rich

-Story teller Stephen Lee Rich will talk about the history and cultural significance of telling stories. He will demonstrate several kinds of stories and teach ways to create stories on your own.

String Side Up!

Elizabeth Corewin

-Start at the very beginning! Learn how to hold a fiddle, a bow, how to tune a fiddle, and learn a tune. Figure out what to do next!

Tin Pan Alley Songs of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s for Ukulele

Drew Danielson

-A look at Tin Pan Alley standards with more complex chord structure. Participants should be able to form and change basic chords forms at the end of this workshop.

To Us a Son is Given

Barb Nagle

-This workshop will present three very religious and ancient pieces that will build your repertoire and bring the reason for the Christmas season front and center. Included are: All Creatures of Our God and King; O Come, O come, Emmanuel; and Blesses Be That Maid Mary. The sheet music has been arranged with mountain dulcimer tab, but also includes standard music notation.' so all acoustic instruments are invited to attend. Mountain Dulcimers need to bring a capo for 2 of the songs.

Today’s Songs Using 1, 4, 5 and 6 Chords

David Southwick

-Much of today’s pop, rock, and country music is built from chord progressions using the I, IV, V and vi chords from any key. This workshop will take a look at some of these and discover the simplicity of much of today’s music culture’s common chord progressions.

Try a Strum Stick

Barb Lake Holmer

Intro to playing basic melodies; a few chords and simple strumming patterns.

Twin Hoop Workshop (2 Hoops)

Jennifer Dennehy

-This workshop will focus on various techniques with two hoops. Intended for those individuals who are very comfortable with various single hoop techniques.

Two-and Three-Finger Chords on the Mandolin

Henry Koretzky

-So many beginning and intermediate mandolin players get stuck on the challenging 4-finger chords used by many bluegrass players. This workshop will show you how. By knowing how chords are built, and controlling the strings you strum, you can use two and three notes to create a variety of alternative chord forms that will not only make it easier for you to play difficult chords, but will also give you some creative chord voicing options.

Vibrato for Violinists/Fiddlers

Sue Tillotson

-The basic elements of vibrato technique will be covered. There will be a handout outlining suggested practice ideas to do at home. It is highly recommended to bring something to “video” the basic ideas.

Water Colors

Bill Logan

-Bill Logan is a retired art teacher who will offer a class of watercolor painting for beginners.The two hour session will cover techniques while doing a step by step still life. This course requires no artistic talent for every step will be practiced before applied to the painting. Always wanted to paint,but were afraid to start? This class is for you!


Stephen Lee Rich

-Stephen Lee Rich has spent forty years yodeling his way across the country. He’ll give a brief history of the form, some demonstrations of different types of yodels from around the world, some wild stories about unique ways to use yodeling, and will teach some vocal exercises to make your own yodeling happen.

You Can Learn To Play By Ear!

David Southwick

-This is specifically for guitar, but could be beneficial for instrumentalists who play using chords.

Zentangle: Enhancing your work

Anita Roby-Lavery

-Now that you know the basics, learn some simple steps which will let your work shine, while letting you stay in a relaxed work mode. There is no supply fee for this one hour class; however, you must have taken an introduction to Zentangle class. Bring your little cloth Zentangle bag with you as proof of attendance at an introductory class.

Zentangle: Working on Black

Anita Roby-Lavery

-For something entirely different, while still being able to stay “in the zone,” this one hour class introduces you to working on black paper with white pen to make a small zentangle. There is a $6 supply fee for this one hour class; however, you must have taken an introduction to Zentangle class. Bring your little cloth Zentangle bag with you as proof of attendance at an introductory class.

Zentangle: Cadent and its Tangelations

Anita Roby-Lavery

-In this one hour class, you will see how easy it is to develop new “tangles” with just one stroke. There is no supply fee for this class; however, you must have taken an introduction to Zentangle class. Bring your little cloth Zentangle bag with you as proof of attendance at an introductory class.

If interested in a workshop, please contact

Titusville Council on the Arts

714 East Main Street

Titusville, PA 16354







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